​​Insane Tales From The Dead is an American horror comic anthology written by Doug Randazzo featuring short tales of menace, death and beyond with your host "The Grim Faced Pale One", DR. Rendevil and the ever repulsive "Shit Face" The new book issue 3 is ready to order for October 2016, Issue #3 completes Vol 1 and will be the deadliest publication from the ever esoteric NY based Caustic Comics this year. Forget what you know about what true terror in comics should be. The new book will have 9 tales of the macabre and goes against all standardized belief systems other then death and the gloom of charismatic darkness. All while maintaining a whimsical feeling. The new book will also feature a page gallery of the insane at the end with over 30 different artists from all over the world . Gasp! Beware​.


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